Earth is the aim
Douglas Moonstone

Translated into English language by the author of DESTINATION TERRE

This book is the story of our origins
Is it our true history?
Douglas Moonstone is convinced about it …
The subject of this book is the history of ancient civilizations from 261780 BC , beginning of human history according to the Sumerians up to 1000 BC , to be followed by our kwon history
For that , we need to relate Atlantes and Edenists history , arriving from space as gods and their interaction with humans on earth
Bible , Pop Wuh , Kojiki , Mythology , Chinese legends and all other legends of the world , are the sources of this story , our story …
Easter Island , Pyramids , Atlantis, and many other mysteries appear to us on a new sight
This book tells us that in Africa , people used iron 3000 years before Europeans , Mayans and Hopis were developed and civilized people 5,000 years ago , and reminds us that Chinese legends are not tales but reality seen by the populations
This book provides coherent explanations to many mysteries of our earth
Currently existing theories explaining these mysteries are often contradicted by each new scientific or archaeological discovery …
So far , every new scientific or archaeological discovery has confirmed the theories written in this book …
Some theories found in this book exist already , but for the first time , they are used in a suite and a coherent history

It’s unknown history , before known history …
It is the story of the colonization of the earth by Edenists and Atlantes
Also coherent explanations to lot of mysteries of the earth …
Bible , Chinese legends , Pop Wuh , Mythology , legends , are the main
sources of our history …
Easter Island , Pyramids , Atlantis, and many other mysteries , appear us as on a new sight

Douglas Moonstone search from where we come
This story is based on what is known , or to know , and do not forget to give the importance they deserve , to the legends of our Earth

The researches to build this story are quite real , but when , how and where to search , arrives directly from inspiration at each necessary time , providentially , surprising and without evidence

Happy reading

Douglas Moonstone



money is the human predator
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