J'aime voir les choses de haut ...



Tuesday 2nd june 2009 , Yahoo inform us : our blogs 360° will be cancelled on the 13th July !

I wrote then there my book , in french language : Earth is the aim 


as I began to publish it on Yahoo 360° from the 18th October 2006 up to the 10th August 2007 ; at this date my blog let appears on the 12th of July 2009 , 110 036 visits …

what a pity it stops then !


Yahoo propose us , instead of 360° , a new site : profile
Quality of this site is so poor as 9 bloggers on 10 will be gone soon …
Bloggers who follow are mainly doing it only before to find a more convenient site …

That’s why I’m here …


Also I like to share my travels on Frederic’s trips pages

Hope yoo like to follow me


 I hope you will forgive me my poor English

 Please don’t forgot I’m French …

Nobody is perfect …

Douglas MOONSTONE , FRANCE , Burgundy and Brittany


Earth is the aim , is unknowed history , history before knowed history …


It’s edenists and atlants history , and the history of their earth colonisation …


It’s as well , coherent explanations to quite all earth mysteries …


Bible , Pop Wuh , Mythology and all world legends are the main source of this history …


Easter Island , Pyramids , Atlantide , and lot of others mysteries appears us under a new face


Some theories I show in this book exist already , but for the first time , they follow themselves in a coherent history …


Up to you to judge it …




COPYRIGHT : texts and pics are in copyright




money is the human predator
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