EARTH IS THE AIM 6 : Exoduses and survivors Part 2 : The peoples of the sea Newly published :Chapter 12 : The 10th work of Héraclès

EARTH IS THE AIM 6 : Exoduses and survivors Part 2 : The peoples of the sea

Newly published :Chapter 12 : The 10th work of Héraclès



Hello , I just finished to wrote a new chapter of my book :

EARTH IS THE AIM 6 , Part 2 , Newly published : Chapter 11 : Tartessos


Travel 10 000 kms with an army to recover 1000 oxen , even red and even giants , it is not credible … Travel 2000 kms more to get one beef lost is scarcely credible … Then lose half of the herd without doing anything then sacrificed to Hera the other half, for sure, they hide us something Oxen may be gold?



Photo :

10ème travail d’Héraclès

Card Wikipédia CC : O H 237

Come and read the entire chapter on my blog:

I remind you that as long as the book is not published, it is to read FREE on my blog Once published, it will be erased because it can stay on the blog, only a summary:


EARTH IS THE AIM 6 , Exoduses and survivors ( In french ) Part 1: The peoples of the Gobi Part 2: The peoples of the Sea Part 3: The peoples of the Earth

Part 4: The worlds Writing in progress (expected end 2016) The Earth has been adapted to the invasion of the Edenist and Atlantean gods Not without wars and genocides In this Volume 6, we will try to trace the history of exodus that resulted and determine the room which was left to the survivors of the ice ages


Actually published :


Earth is the aim 1 , Eden and China’s gods

Earth is the place were Fantasy and legends become truth




Translated in English language by the author of :




It’s the unknown history , before known history …

It is the story of the colonization of the earth by Edenists and Atlantes

Also coherent explanations to lot of mysteries of the earth appears …

Bible , Chinese legends , Kojiki , Mahabharatta, Ramayana , Pop Wuh , Mythology , Legends , are the main sources of our history …

Easter Island , Pyramids , Atlantis, and many other mysteries , appear us on a new sight

Some theories found in this book exist already , but for the first time , they are used in a suite and a coherent story

See it by yourself …



Actually only published in French


To be published soon ( Already published in french ) but you can read it in English on my blog :

2 Atlanteans gods

3 Dissolving of gods

4 Tokharians

5 Indo-Europeans


Still on written process :

6 Exodus and survivors

7 Mu and others worlds



More details on :


Available in E-book , paper book and color printing on : / Douglas Moonstone


Priced :

E-books about 3 € ( Free KDP enrolled )

Paper books about 8.50 €

Color printed books about 34.50 €



Have a good time








money is the human predator
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